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Program to develop Soft Skills


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What are the interlocks between hard skills and soft skills?

Settinp up a “Blue Ocean” mindset in a business relies on people adopting familiar soft behavioral skills that are heavily sought by recruiters.

Great engineering schools and businesses who want to emerge from their standstill in  the “Red Ocean” need assistance in their journey, exploring a new mind map, learning to identify and break free from specific constrains to enable a change in attitudes and mentalities.

Agenda of a first year Conference Programme:

1. Finding my Mind Map.
2. Finding my Needs
3. Stress Management
4.  Improving your Memory
5.  Improving Concentration
6. My Personality, my Needs
7. Communication Skills, my Motivation, level 1
8. Communication Skills, my Motivation, level 2
9. Professional Behavior on social Network



This training program will benefit your school,


Aiming for excellence means offering students a certification in the field of Soft Kills.

This certification can be granted externally, and beskope set up can be put in collaboration with a start-up: Microdoing.

Contact us for more details.


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Développement des Soft Skills

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